23 November, 2019

Musical poetry with Poesia musicada com Paulo Pego, André Araújo and André Rosário

written by Susana

A unique and intimate concert where Paulo Pego's poetry is declaimed and translated into musical notes by André Araújo (Flute) and André Rosario (Guitar). Throughout this artistic dialogue, the two young Portuguese musicians challenge the poet to breathe life into his literary work: Book of Stones (2014). Embark on this trip with us and sign up now! € 8 per person with prior registration (transfer to Petite Portugaise ASBL account: BE60 0018 2434 4270 indicating number of places to book). 10 € on the day of the event (subject to availability) There is a short break with food and drinks. André Araújo (Flute) and André Rosario (Guitar) are a duo of young Portuguese musicians living in Brussels.They share their serene and intimate music in events where they play in the universe of jazz and improvised music. Both students of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel they have now embarked in a journey of multiculturalism that characterizes the artistic life of the capital of Europe. The event brings the melodies from their cities together: Porto and Reguengos de Monsaraz. Paulo Pego has published poems in Portugal, Brazil, Belgium, the Ukraine and Luxembourg. He is the author of the poetry books À Senoite (2009), The Logic of Coral (2013), Le Sel (2013), Book of Stones (2014), Poetry (2014) and In Shape (2014).

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